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Owner and Founder

Sacha Hubert has been involved in several aspects of the music world for some time. While still a pre-schooler in Montreal, he picked up his first instrument and started studying music. He took lessons for years with various instruments, but it later became clear that his passion was singing. He eventually relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, started a family, giving music a break and like so many in the business, got a regular job. This was never meant to last however, and when his daughter began her own musical career, he became the band manager. More bands came, and he eventually started his own label to help promote and distribute their music. 
RCR Records, named after his management company, was founded in 2015.

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Tayssa Hubert joined her father in 2019 in helping create a music label available to Edmontonians and Alberta's finest musicians. She has studied music since the moment she could speak, primarily with voice and piano, and continued her musical education at Grant MacEwan University, majoring in Recording Arts. 
Tayssa started working closely with Sacha when she started her first rock band in 2012. They've been a team ever since, progressing into their RCR Records partnership.

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Phil Anderson is a well versed recording engineer, mixer and producer. He has worked with countless bands around Alberta and across Canada, including some of the RCR Records bands, such as The Betty Alice Effect and Slant Six.  

Phil has an extensive list of musicians and bands that he's mixed for including, but not limited to, Econoline Crush, Sigh, VanHalst, Mac Miller, One Bad Son, Tupelo Honey, and more. 

To learn more about Phil and his work, click the link or the "Learn More" button to visit his website:

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Chris Pigeot has been working with Sacha Hubert and some of the RCR bands for a couple years now. He and Sacha are also the creators of the RCR Records Radio Show, hosted by GRadio. He is a Graphic Designer by trade, doing some of the RCR band logos, as well as an accomplished sound engineer. If ever you have a question about any technology or music gear, Chris always has the answers and know-how.
Chris has been a drummer for years, performing with various bands in France (where he is originally from) and Canada, but his current endeavours lie with Slant Six.

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